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Meet Seaula Jr. Tupa'i


Seaula Jr. Tupa'i was born and raised in California.  His parents, Seaula and Tina Tupa'i, moved from American Samoa and eventually settled in California.  Jr.'s father was an ordained minister and pastored a Samoan Assemblies of God church in Monterey, California. Growing up in that environment of faith, worship, and sports, Jr. gravitated towards football and music, while his love for God stayed with him throughout his life.

Jr. is currently the Senior Pastor at Overcoming Faith Center in Hilo.  He graduated from Washington State University where he played football while receiving his Master's Degree in music in 2005 before moving to Hilo in 2007.

Prior to going full-time in ministry, Jr. worked at the Hawai'i National Guard Youth Challenge Academy, Hilo Campus for 13 cycles while also coaching football at Kamehameha School - Hawai'i for one season and at Hilo High for nine seasons.


Being involved in ministry while also teaching and coaching the youth of Hawai'i for over a decade, Jr. understands what it means to serve.  He understands that as a public servant, the emphasis should be on serving.  Therefore, he has decided to run as a Hawai'i Public Servant, to serve the people once again in another capacity.  For far too long, servants in office have not listened to the people and have forgotten what it means to serve.  It's about time to put people in office who are close to the pulse of the community.


It's time for a change.  Vote Seaula Jr. Tupa'i, Redeeming the future for the People of Hawai'i.

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